Since legendary fisticuffs master Sun Tzu invented modern warfare on July 12th, 1914, war has changed. Now fought with infantry and atom bombs rather than by bare-knuckle brawling, the sweet siren call of battle beckons yet again. With heroes on either side, the time for a global war has come - and it needs you.

Frontline! is a community-created war effort that aims to rally the troops of the TF2 contributing community and show everyone what they're capable of. Whatever art of war you partake in, we want you to join. Now slap on your helmet and grab your rifle, as we invite you into the midst of all-out war!
Don't worry, troops, we're not just going to send you deep into No Mann's Land without backup - we've made sure to arm our new recruits to their gritted teeth with only the finest of military equipment and armaments!

From AA Guns to Zeppelins, we've got everything you need to win a war!
If you are interested in joining the ranks, Then all you need to do is make content for TF2 that fits the theme of 20th Century Warfare, such as; Army Uniforms, War Torn Battlegrounds and Military Weaponry. Make sure any submissions you add to the Workshop use the provided promo template.

Once your submissions are up, our troops will fall in to make sure we add it to our Workshop Collection, which showcases all the contributions to the Frontline! war effort.

We've provided download links for everything you may need to get creating - and we'll be adding even more content in future Supply Drops for the community to use.

That's right, this war ain't over yet.
Over recent months, our resident mapper, Harlen "UEAKCrash" Linke, has been working undercover on his very own military operation, and we're now lifting the veil to reveal the in-development Payload map Shoreleave!

Previously developed under the working title of Prep Up, Shoreleave is currently only in its alpha stage, and there is plenty of work still to be done! You can follow the development of Crash's map here and see his take on the theme and how he has put our map pack to use - which we hope will inspire you to work on your very own Frontline! map!

From new blood to Workshop veterans, we are all very excited to see what new and exciting territory the contributing community can explore with our assets and the theme of this project!

We'll see you on the Frontline!
Q. What is all this, and is it official?
A. Frontline! is a community-created project by members of the Team Fortress 2 community, for the Team Fortress 2 community - its goal is to rally the troops and bring any and all types of content contributors together and bring forth a new community update, with themes revolving around 20th century wars. As of this posting, Frontline! is not an official update for Team Fortress 2, but with the help of the community - it could be!
Q. What can I submit to the project?
A. Ultimately, Valve decides what is added to their game, so who are we to judge? That being said, if you can upload it to the Steam Workshop, we can add it to our Collection. That includes cosmetic items, weapons, taunts, unusual effects, and maps. We fully understand how much time it takes for some of those, but we fully encourage you to pursue whatever you'd like!
Q. What can't I submit to the project?
A. Despite the wartime theming, we highly discourage any content based on or influenced by racist or xenophobic imagery. Have some respect, and use your best judgment - any submissions that have these problems will be excluded from the collection and distanced from the project. If in doubt, refer to Valve's own guidelines for TF2 Content Creation.
Q. If I submit my work, how will it be determined whether or not it will be included in the game?
A. While, we are the ones that add your submission to the Workshop Collection, we do not choose what items are added in-game, if any! That decision is to be made by Valve, and Valve alone. Because of this, Frontline! is an equal-opportunity effort, and will stay as such, no matter what!
Q. I'm new to content creation, but I want to take part! How can I learn?
A. There are plenty of resources for beginners out there, and we welcome and encourage any new talent! A handy collection of resources can be found here, and if you have any other content creation questions, you can always ask around the community - for the most part, we don't bite!
Q. How long has Frontline! been in development?
A. The earliest work is from January 2015, with strong proper work starting in the following September, and we've been hard at work ever since! Though it's been a long process, and several iterations of various assets have gone by, our intentions have always been the same - to make a community update for the community, by the community, that is open to everyone.
Q. Can I submit work that I've made prior to the announcement of this project?
A. Of course! We are accepting of any and all submissions, though we do encourage you to make new and exciting content that fits the ideas of the project, even if it's a remake of existing work! And for the mappers, we also encourage re-artpassing past maps using our asset pack to better fit the theme, If they wish to do so!
Q. Is there a deadline for when I have to submit my work by?
A. As of this posting, there is no deadline! A solid and true deadline will not be declared unless Valve themselves do so - by all means, take your time!
Q. Can I participate in Frontline! alongside the other active community projects?
A. Of course, it's not a matter of one or the other! We are well aware of the other active projects in the community, and welcome them fully! From our perspective, it's a matter of co-existence, not competition.
Stop by one of our threads on Facepunch, Polycount, TF2Maps, or hop in the Steam Group, and ask away.

We will do our best to answer any questions you have as soon as possible.